About Say IT

Mission Statements and Goals

  • Our mission statement is “Become a major Information Technology (“IT”) service provider in the small & medium enterprises (“SME”) sector”
  • Our goals and objectives are as follow:

(a) Establish a strong business model which is self sustained thru revenue and profits generated from our products and services;

(b) Provide job opportunities to people with disabilities via our business model which values intellectual properties and ideas; and

(c) Create a platform which allows people with disabilities to visualise and crystalise ideas into products, notwithstanding their physical disabilities.

Say IT was the brainchild of Ng Say Leng in year 2008, Although a PWD himself, Say Leng is proud to mention that he has been rendering IT related services for years to various customers without relying on any “favours”. He is truly an IT entrepreneur with great aspiration in creating more job opportunities for his PWD friends and to compete on equal basis with other IT providers.